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  • Dressing a Glasshouse in the Wineport Lodge

    Dressing a Glasshouse in the Wineport Lodge

    Well I’m really, really thrilled with how the glasshouse at the Wineport Lodge has turned out.  A big thank you to the Wineport for the opportunity to collaborate with them and create this splash of colour at their wonderful venue. We wanted to create a wee bit of magic and something that would be ultra positive and uplifting with one of their new glasshouses, installed to create socially distant & protected spaces for customers. 

    Right from the beginning I was drawn to creating a memorable and immersive experience, with light and colour, that would help fill people with feelings of calmness, wonder, warmth and a ‘wee bit of magic’, while sitting at a bistro table taking in the stunning scenery by the waters edge.

    Given the year that is in it, I’m delighted to have created an ‘outdoor immersive art piece’, and as an artist, this represents a new dimension, about which I’m excited.  

    Big shout out to David Daly for his help with installing the new piece in the Wineport. 

    I look forward to hearing what you think and hopefully you get a chance to visit soon ..!!

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ... Thanks a mill.

  • Lights & Mirrors - Bringing my squares into a new dimension!

    Lights & Mirrors - Bringing my squares into a new dimension!

    After a year of exploring, developing and refining this new concept I am thrilled to release my new ‘Infinity Series’.  I’m buzzing with the way you can, through the use of LED lights and mirrors, see up to 8 repeats of the squares going back into the frame ..!! They are 50 x 50cm framed, with a 6cm deep, although it looks like you can see nearly 1 metre into the frame ...!!   It has to be seen to be believed ..!! I believe they are pretty unique in the Irish market and lend themselves really well to a range of spaces but also some shaded areas too ..!! :-) 

    This has been a tough one to pull off but I am so thrilled to have ‘cracked it’ ...!! A huge thank you to a range of people who have helped me at different stages on this, it really has been a team effort ...!!  

    Drawing inspiration from Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama’s infinity rooms and the wonderful experimental artist Peter Gronquist from Portland in the US, it has been really exciting working with a very new and very striking way of presenting my squares. For the best part of a decade now I have been drawn to symmetry, precision and the repetition of patterns. The original influence on the development of the concept of 'my small squares' has it's roots in the capturing of, and the celebration of, positive moments, strengths, and the benefit of repeating good things in the search for excellence. The move towards capturing these elements in a format using lights and mirrors, in a way that is very engaging for the viewer, is very exciting. I'm really looking forward to where this journey will take me ... dare I say it ... !!! :-) 

  • Absolutely loved Hong Kong

    Absolutely loved Hong Kong

    Well that goes down as one of the ‘great experiences’ …!! It was an absolute honour to have my art on show with the Sol Art Gallery at the recent Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong. 

    The show was run in the really impressive Hong Kong Convention Centre right down by the harbour, and featured 115 galleries from around the world. The buzz in the exhibition was electric throughout the weekend. It was really great to see some really fabulous art there and meet a whole range of people who were interested in Irish art.

    I was very fortunate to be able to make it to Hong Kong for the show and take in the sights in this simply awesome city. Thank you Hong Kong ...!!

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